probationary drug testing chicago

probationary drug testing chicago

Benefits of Probationary Drug Testing

When you hire new employees to join your business, make sure that drug testing is a part of the hiring process. Many Chicago businesses understand how important it is to maintain a drug-free workplace and aren’t afraid to go the extra mile to ensure that probationary drug testing chicago is a part of the way they do things. Your company can thrive when this service is one that is used when hiring employees.

probationary drug testing chicago

Creating a mandatory probationary period for 30 60, or 90 days is a great way to get to know the employee better to ensure they’re a good match for your company. During this time, random drug testing is a part of the way that most employers do things. The test can be given at any time and usually is given without any notice to the employee ahead of time.

When you choose to drug test employees during this probationary period of time, the benefits are pretty incredible and available to benefit your business on a short-term and a long-term basis for both the business and other employees on the team.  Those benefits include:

·    Employees and customers are safer at your business. Drug users can be very unpredictable and everyone’s safety is at risk if they’re at your business. That worry is gone when a probationary drug testing program is in place.

·    Reduced expense is yet another perks of the drug testing process.

·    Save money and save time.

·    It doesn’t cost a lot of money to drug test employees. It actually saves more money than it costs.

When drug testing is a part of your business plan, everyone thrives. We’ve listed some pretty nice benefits here but there are so many others that are waiting for you to enjoy as well. Do not wait any longer to start using drug testing at your facility.

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